Cross Stitch Vibrant Bubble Hearts, Free Pattern

This picture looks like someone blew a bunch of bubbles and they turned into hearts!

Remember when we were kids and blew bubbles from the little jar with the plastic wand?  The bubbles were iridescent and would float up and catch the sunlight and you could see all of the bright pretty colors in them.  This picture reminds me of those bubbles only these bubbles have turned into heart shapes instead of being round!

This picture has 30 colors and is 79 x 119 stitches in size.  At the request of the creator, the chart cannot be copied to this web page but can be found here.


This piece is just one of many free cross stitch patterns that can be found at this site.  There are multiple categories with  several free charts in each category.  Go here to check out what’s available and find something that you like.  Click the Galleries tab and start exploring!

Happy stitching!