Mr. Whiskers Halloween Ornie

Add to your trick or treating decor this year with this vintage Halloween ornie pattern.

I found this picture on Pinterest and modified it into a digitized pattern to use with my embroidery machine.  I really like the vintage theme of Mr. Whiskers so I thought I would make him into a Halloween decoration.  The piece pictured was stitched on an embroidery machine and is approximately 3″x 4″. The pattern is 39 x 49 stitches.  I attached a piece of ribbon and sewed a piece of Halloween material to the back, right sides together, leaving a small opening so I could stuff it.  Then I turned it right side out and stuffed it with fiberfill.  Then I closed the small opening using a small whip stitch.

I machine cross stitched this on a piece of muslin.  Before I attached the back piece and stuffed it, I “aged” it by spraying it with a tea stain mixture to give it a more vintage look.

For my tea stain mixture I boil several tea bags in a pan of water and then add some cinnamon and vanilla to the tea mixture.  Then put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the material.  I keep the spray bottle with the mixture in the refrigerator until I’m ready to use it again.  It keeps indefinitely that way!

DMC embroidery floss colors:

310 – Black
740 – Orange
307 – Yellow
704 – Green
304 – Red

Mr. Whiskets chart


Mr. Whiskers Pic Frnt

Mr. Whiskers Halloween ornie front.

Mr. Whiskers Pic Back

This is the back side of the ornie pillow.